The High Performance Difference.

Our mission is to help relieve pain and improve performance, whatever that means to you.  While we have years of experience with those competing at the highest levels, we work with people of all ages and abilities and want to help make a positive impact on your life.

Some of the world’s greatest athletes come to Flagstaff when they want to pursue personal records or Olympic gold. Now you can have that same level of chiropractic and physical treatment whether you want to go for a weekend run, stay fit by going to the gym, attend yoga classes or simply pick up your grand-kids without pain. Our extensive experience with the worlds top athletes provides us with a unique view of performance and allows us to deliver cutting edge services across the continuum of chiropractic rehab and sport performance.

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The team at Hypo2 has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over years of education and clinical experience integrated with our personal competitive endeavors.  Our approach is to help everyone, athletes and non-athletes, attain their physical goals in the quickest and safest means available.  

Dr. Gregg focuses on the rehabilitation of my body’s alignment and symmetry, functionally important musculoskeletal pieces that have slowly morphed due to wear over 28 years of competitive running. The efficiency and power has returned to my stride and I’m tallying some of the best race results I’ve had in the past four years.
Ian TorrenceadiUltra Team Manager, 175 ultramarathon finishes (51 victories) & 20 marathon finishes